Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another example how nature plays a large role in shape here with this sports coat by Patrik Ervell.
This is a jacket by R. Newbold a Japanese clothing company and here I showed how nature is a huge influence on shape and pattern.
This is a shoe made by Toms Shoes and a tie by J.Crew, both with symbolic shapes embroidered onto them. Also I wanted to show how many labels use symbols to differentiate there brand and have recognition.
This is from a collaboration between Keds and Open Ceremony to make a leopard print resembling pattern.
This is a Thom Browne jacket that has dots, which can be found in many different places and different sizes.
This is a YSL dress from a 2001 collection with another great symbolic fruit shape.
This a tank top made by Pegleg that obviously shows the shape of a spherical object we all know.
This is a dress inspired by a camouflage pattern made by APC a french clothing company.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is an example of shape through organic and random paint splatters on a pair of Toms Shoes.

These shoes by Keep Company have a great flower pattern on them.